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 Mates and Pups | Guide

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PostSubject: Mates and Pups | Guide   Mates and Pups | Guide EmptyThu Jan 23, 2014 1:50 am

M A T E S || Two wolves in the pack of similar ages (around three years apart at most) and opposite genders may have a relationship with each other in the role play as long as they don't already have a mate. The two characters must be over two years, and both role players must agree to be mates before they can even ask a Monarch for permission to become a couple. If the Monarch allows them to officially become mates, one of the characters can propose to the other in the RP, and - if they wish - the two can have a party or ceremony. (See more about the Bonding Ceremony in the Rituals Guide!)

M A T I N G || Only mates, male and female, can have pups together, but even they must ask permission from a Monarch before they do so. For an Monarch to accept, it must be Mating Season, the "parents" must be considered active, and they must agree to to take care of the pups: There shall be no tortured pups around here, and the pups can't rely on the pack for food and love. Once a Monarch has approved, they can "mate" (no gory/detailed mating, Reproduction dice must be used) in the RP. The dice will tell them how many pups they will have, if they were successful and if the pups are healthy.

Example of a mating post(s):
Female licked Male's cheek lovingly as he rested his chin on her back. She felt his fur rubbing up against her own as they cuddled. Suddenly, something struck her: They had been mates for over three months, and breeding season was almost over. She looked up at her lover's eyes. "Male, honey, I think it is time." She said simply.

Male perked his ears at her voice, asking him a question he had been longing to ask. She wanted pups! He died a little inside because he secretly wanted pups too. He loved the little devils... Er, angles. "Yes, if we want pups this year now is the time." He answered in his deep voice, smiling broadly. He lifted his chin off of his mate's back and prepared to mate, wondering how many pups they would have in their first year.
*Rolls Reproduction dice*

P U P S || After they have finally had a successful mating and know how many pups they will be having, the parents must get RP'ers for their pups. The parents can choose if they shall design the pups themselves, or if the RP'ers of their pups can make their own character and name. If the parents can buy a second account, they may RP as one of their pups if they choose so. Other members in the pack can also give up their own characters or buy a second account and RP as one of the pups.

G E S T A T I O N || The gestation period can vary in time. The mother can birth as soon as all thr pups have RP'ers or a month in real life, whether the pups have RP'ers or not. During the time the female is pregnant, she will grow larger and larger around the stomach, she will crave food more than ever (sometimes particular foods, such as salmon) and she can get even quite moody or loving. When the time grows closer, her instincts will kick in and she will start preparing/finding a den, whether her own or the den of the Kingdoms. She must stay near the den from then on until she finally give birth. She will have to rely on her mate and the pack to bring her food during that time and until the pups are old enough to be left at the den (three or four RP days).

B I R T H I N G || As soon as the pups have RP'ers, or it's a month in real life from when they first mated (but it must have been at least one RP day), the rather large-bellied mother shall birth (no gory/gross birthing). If a pup doesn't have a RP'er, they will be born as a stillborn/dead. For the pups that have survived, the mother must guide them to her teats so they can suckle her milk. After one RP day, the pups may open their eyes, hear, and start learning to talk. Another two and they can start visiting the outside world and venture out of the den with their mother. Another three RP days and they will be weaned from milk and starting on semi-digested food the adults regurgitate. Two more days and they are eating real meat and fish, and venture further and further from the den and can start training and learning skills. (To see more about pups and wolf ageing, see the Ageing Guide!)

Example of a birthing post:
Female suddenly felt a uncomfortable feeling in her gut and winced at the sudden pain. Her instincts nagged her to lay down in a nice safe den, luckily she was only a few feet from the cave. She stumbled her way there, and scratched a birthing bowl in the tightly packed earth before laying down. She breathed deeply, in and out, in and out. How she wished a Maid or Mender were here to help her through this! Luckily, she had already been through a birth once in her life before, and knew what to do. She closed her eyes and counted to ten. Suddenly, a wet, squirming little creature with brown, downy fur was revealed to the world. Female immediately nudged it closer to her stomach and licked it clean. Once she was done, Number Two was already born, and she repeated the process of cleaning and guiding it to her teats. Two more little slimy brown pups were born before Female had finished labor. She sighed, and laid her head down gently, content with her work.

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Mates and Pups | Guide
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