The Land Of Four Seasons

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PostSubject: Kingdom Histories | Information   Fri May 22, 2015 4:42 pm

Story of the Land of Four Seasons
Before LoFS
Long ago in a land and pack whose name was sadly lost in time, was ruled by a kind couple - a female with ash-gray paintings, accented with numerous splashes of browns and whites. Her name was Eskie, proudly bonded to her mate Rowan. Rowan was the definition of Alpha he was wise, powerful, loving, caring - not a single flaw was found in him. Though the pair did lack one thing. They could not have pups - the stars simply didn't align for these two. Though that didn't stop them from caring and loving each pup in their land as much as they would their own.

One day, two new wolves entered the land, nothing suspicious or new. It was a young, elegant she wolf. He base was a pale white-beige with a darker gold lying over it. Her eyes shone silver like the full moon in winter. Vela was her name, and with her was a slightly older male. A powerful frame, dusted with silver-gray, accompanied by two gleaming emerald eyes. He was Vela's older brother, Herit. Eskie and Rowan were pleased to welcome the young new nomads - though it was not just the duo. It turned out that Vela was pregnant, her mate had died just weeks earlier in a pack war - forcing her and her brother to flee to a new home.

Eskie grew close to the young Vela, treating her as if she were her own daughter. And of course the day the young she-wolf went into labor, Eskie was there each moment through. Two males were born. The first was based with golden-honey, atop was a russet overlay. The proud Vela named him Velos, behind Velos came a snow-white pigmented male. Herit liked the sound of "Roman" - there for it stuck. Velos and Roman lived an enjoyable life with their mother, uncle, and grandparent-like figures Eskie and Rowan. 

As they grew, it was clear the Velos and Roman loved one another but were very different. Velos was wise beyond his years, powerful, loved the cooler months, and was a natural born leader. Roman however, was not as strong but faster than his brother, he may not have known all that much but he was sneaky and cunning, and loved the heat. Roman was an excellent hunter and Velos a protector. Their mother, Vela, grew prouder each day she saw her two boys excelling in their skills. Eskie, Rowan, and Herit too were happy for the young yearlings.

Around their second birthday, the duo decided it was time to disperse. Not just from the pack, but from each other. It was a sad day for each of them - but nevertheless independence was required. Before leaving - Vela and Eskie approached - their last words to the boys being "The wind will guide you to where you must be, listen to it's whispers. Be aware of it's gentle pushes."  And with that, Velos and Roman said their goodbyes and left.

Months had passed, neither Velos nor Roman had come across other wolves. Each one considered returning home, until they recalled their mothers and alpha's words of the wind. As they had a small epiphany, they suddenly felt the wind push and pull them - they heard the sweet harmonic whisper of each gust - they followed it in hopes to reach where they were meant to be. Two more months passed on none stop traveling - until they reached their destination. Velos soon stepped into a forest coated in snow. He was like a pup again, leaping and bounding - not stopping once to consider that it was autumn. Snow fall was not expected for months. There was also the fact that he was traveling south - meaning it should have gotten warmer.
As for Roman, he traveled north - meaning the weather should grow cold - though he soon found himself stepping in sand. He didn't seem to question it - he enjoyed his time in the sun.
Hour later - they both had the idea to travel - to find out where they were. Soon their paths crossed for the first time in nearly a year. It was impossible - they traveled in two completely different directions, yet somehow managed to come across the same land. They examined one another, Roman confused as to how Velos was covered in snow and Velos the same but with Roman sand. The duo was frazzled and unsure of where exactly they were. Curiosity sparked within them and they ventured through the unknown territory. To their amazement, it seemed as all four seasons resided their: Winter, spring, Autumn, and summer. The exploring - finding dens, hunting grounds, lakes, and much more. Soon at the center of the land, they found two stone thrones. They decided to stay, to become kings- and thus, the land was ultimately claimed...

The Reign of LoFs...
Velos came to name his half (winter and autumn) Velheritz after his mother Vela and uncle Herit. While Roman named his half (summer and spring) after their former alphas Rowan and Eskie. The brothers and packs were close - friends and even family were in each pack - peace was easily held. The two kings realized it was rather hard to find the territory, and even harder to escape it. Though there were no complaints, the land was plentiful and beautiful.
Every now and again, a new wolf would enter, always welcomed, and given the choice of the 2 packs. Nomads picking Velheritz who are often more powerful, durable, wise, and seeking challenges. The comers who were more quick than strong, more cunning than wise, and rather energetic - picked the Roenkii side to reign.
Neither Kingdom was more favored than the other - there were even times when young wolves who were birthed in one pack went on to live in the other.
Many years passed, and the kings grew old with their mates Nyx, Queen of Velheritz and Bliss, Queen of Roenkii. Each royal pair having offspring in each pack.
The two brothers decided to start a tradition - every other time of a new reign - The Velheritz pack will pack two siblings to be heirs. And each time Velheritz did not pick - Roenkii would. The system of siblings helped prevent wars - for sharing a family was helpful to keep peace.
Generations passed - the system working well.

Velheritz Roenkii
Queen EssenceKing Atreus
King DenaliKing Rio
King DesotoQueen Serenity
Queen HoloQueen Thalia
King ThantosKing Dolos
King HeliosKing Ashtor
Queen AuraKing Kosmic
Queen ArizonaQueen Lumin
King ApolloKing August
KEY: Velheritz Chosen || Roenkii Chosen

Each chosen pair ruled their kingdoms fairly, for at least a decade - sometimes even more. the system never failed - until an unexpected disaster occurred.
The kingdoms have faced many things - wars, droughts, food shortage, disease - though they have never lost one of the royal wolves. That is until the reign of King Apollo and King August. The twin brothers were very fond of one another - just as kind and caring as all who led before them. After their time, it would be August's turn to pick the new royal duo. He had his eye on two very young pups in the Velheritz kingdom - the offspring of a huntress and a royal guard. They were twin sisters -Lotus and Lilly. only weeks old but full of spunk and noticeable determination.
One of the young she wolves, Lotus, wished to transfer to Roenkii after he first year - things looked well for them in the future.
Over the next few months, King August fell ill. It was incurable. As he weakened day by day, he watched the two prodigies grow and excel. He was even able to attend  Lotus' first year ceremony where she transferred to Roenkii.
Sadly King August passed away two weeks later. He left the kingdom to his son - Dmitry. The last of his offspring that decided to stay within the pack. Just until Lotus was old enough to rule herself.
Dmitry kindly accepted the offer. Though things went terribly wrong.

The Reign of Dmitry || The last war...
Dmitry was a cruel king - no one knew how it was possible. But he was brutal. As the age of Lotus got closer and closer to two - Dmitry saw this as a threat. He killed the chosen heir and he twin sister as well. King Apollo ordered Dmitry to stand down before he was forced rom his title. Dmitry took this as a challenge. He convinced the young naïve wolves to follow him. That it was their time to rule. He turned his Roenkii pack against the sister clan. "Why should they have the land with more food? One caribou there could feed 15 of us!" The southern wolves agreed and rebelled against the former peace and harmony. It was time for war.
Apollo gathered his soldiers - but many refused to fight - they had family in the Roenkii kingdom. brothers, sisters, offspring. But ultimately - blood was spilled. The war with the remaining Roenkii and Velheritz wolves raged on for hours, days, weeks, months.... eventually even years.. King Apollo was killed in battle - he never left the field. He barely ate - he thought only of his followers - feeding them keeping them healthy - not himself. Once the King of Velheritz was dead, Dmirty lightened up on the Velheritz wolves, he allowed them to survive in the small center of the land.
Eventually, the last original members of each kingdom died due to starvation, injuries, age, or have fled the land. All aside from Apollo's youngest son and Dmitry - the cousins held their feud for year. Dmitry welcoming any power-hungry wolf to join him. Every now and again, a wolf would reach Tyson and join him.
Over the years, the Land of Four Seasons began to wither and die. Nothing but war for so long has killed it. Dmitry's forces grew smaller, Dmitry and Tyson grew older - and one day a new wolf arrived...

The fall of "The King"
One faithful day, Ajax entered the land of the seasons. It was rather dull and dying. but the wind pushed him, he knew he had to follow it. To where ever it was directing him. He soon reached the center of the land, there he found the elder Tyson. The Velheritz bloodline member explained everything - and described how the lands once were. Ajax was determined to regain them to their former glory. Ajax and Tyson formed a plan to attack Dmitry and stop his reign of terror.
The duo attacked and brought down Dmitry. The battle between the cousins was long and tiring, Ajax delivered the final blow. Dmitry was gone for good. His followers fled with no sense of direction anymore, there were lost. They now lurk outside the kingdoms. As for Tyson, he was old, injured, and ready to give up his life long battle. Now that the lands were safe, Tyson gave full leadership to Ajax just before passing away.
The Rebirth of LoFS
Ajax lived in the kingdoms alone for very long - until one day he was doing his rounds and entered the summer season. The scent that attacked him was so familiar yet so different - it was a wolf. The king ran to the origin. There, on his beach, sat a she-wolf. She was pigmented with grays and browns, with splashes of other hues twisted in. She was seated facing the rolling waves -with the sun setting - it was one of the most beautiful sights Ajax had ever come to see.
She was breathtaking, and looked so at home the way she relaxed in the sand. Her name was Ocean, a tantalizing name with piercing eyes to match her title. She acted kind and civilized.. at east at first. In and instant, Ajax found himself lying in the shallow shores and damp sand. The tricky new female pounced onto him. Her devilish chuckle rolling melodically.
Ajax grew close to her, and soon claimed her the Queen of Roenkii. Though when strangers question how to describe his dear friend - many things come to mind - her beauty, her love of summer, her dominance and authority, her childish nature. The best thing to call his lovely Queen Ocean would be a brat.
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Kingdom Histories | Information
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