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H O W | T O | U S E | D I C E S || First off, you click the "+" next to the words "Dices Roll" underneath you post, shown here. Once that is done, click on the scroll list to choose your dice, such as shown here. After writing your post and choosing your dice and how many dice you want, press "send" and your post will show up, along with a NPC post that will show an image that is the outcome of your dice. It should look something like this.

Dice Sides And Their Meaning

S M A L L | G A M E | A N D | F I S H || This is the dice you use for fish, fowl and birds as well as for rodents and other small prey. This is probably one of the simplest dices next to Karma. It only has three chances it can land on:
It's getting away! Catch it before it escapes! : This means the chase is still on, and you can still catch it. You can choose to continue pursuit [roll again] or to give up the hunt.
It looks like you're lucky today and going to eat tonight. You just caught it! : You have caught whatever you were hunting and can kill and eat it.
Looks like it's no dinner for you today! It got away. : Whatever you were in pursuit of has escaped and you can't catch it.

K A R M A || This dice acts as a sort of coin flip. It decides if the outcome is positive/correct or is negative/wrong. This dice is normally used in fights to dodge attacks or to get out of traps in adventures.
You have rolled... Good karma! : Positive/correct outcome, or you have managed to dodge an attack.
You have rolled... Bad karma! : Negative/incorrect outcome, or you have not managed to get out of the way of an attack.

B I G | G A M E | P H R A S E | 1 || This is the first dice you roll when hunting deer, caribou, bison, wild pigs or any other types of large prey. This is the phrase in which they run away. You can kill the beast in this round.
When hunting with a group, post once after everyone after everyone has rolled once. Use the outcome from
your last post.
You have it cornered! : This means that you can advance to the next round/phrase/dice and attack.
Your prey is within reach. Attack now! : Meaning you can harm this creature now. Roll again. [ For more about attacking see Health and Skills Guide ]
The beast turns around and stands it's ground: It's fighting back! : This indicates that your prey has stopped running and is ready to defend itself. Everyone advances to the next round/phrase/dice.
Hurry up, it's getting away! : This means that your prey is still running but you can't bite or attack it. Roll again.
Dang, it just got away! : Meaning the hunt must be abandoned and you cannot chase the beast anymore.

B I G | G A M E | P H R A S E | 2 || This is the round in which whatever you were attacking turns and faces you. This phrase includes attacking and bringing down the prey.
When hunting with a group, post once after everyone after everyone has rolled once. Use the outcome from[/i] your last post.
The predator has become the prey. The beast attacks you! : Meaning that whatever you were hunting bites/kicks/charges at you. You can roll Karma to dodge.
This is your chance: Injure it! : This means that you can attack. [ For more about attacking see Health and Skills Guide ]
The beast seriously injures you. You cannot continue! : Meaning you have been seriously injured [-50 health] in some way and you cannot continue to attack. Others may finish off the prey.
You see an opening that will finish the hunt. : This indicates a chance to kill the beast and finish the hunt. Roll Karma.

A D V E N T U R I N G || [i]When you enter the inside of a tomb [a RP area with a ★ in it's name] you will need to roll this dice for every post in that area [unless you are in a fight]. You may have to roll karma every so often when using this dice.
It's a trap! : There are six different trap types and they all require that you roll Karma to get out of them. If you confused to find a way out of a trap then PM a staff member.
Treasure hunter : You have found treasure. Wait for a Monarch, NPC or a staff member to post to see what you have found before claiming it.
Adventure awaits : Everything is safe for now. You can continue ahead unharmed.
Heros to rest : You are safe for now, but you come across a dead explorer.
Flee or fight? : You have found the exit. Do you choose to leave now?
Ancient guardians : You have come across something. Whether it is friend or foe is up to the next NPC post. If it is foe, you must fight them, if they are a friend, then you must answer a question before continuing.
Trail of heart : You are safe still, but you must choose which way to go: Left, or right?
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Dice Guide
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