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 Remaking The Pack!

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PostSubject: Remaking The Pack!   Remaking The Pack! EmptyMon Nov 03, 2014 5:22 am

LoFS Remade!
Ocean wrote:
There are currently no contests on this one because the pack is being remade! Suggested by Whiskey and encouraged by Damocles, I have decided to take this onboard. I shall re-design the site, remake the thread on both here and on WolfQuest, remake the map, territories and RP area, and many more things to come!

Since Ajax has pretty much abandoned this place, I will need someone to take charge of Velherits until/if Ajax returns. I currently have my eye on two particular members, so look out Winter!
- Ocean

I had just noticed that I never made a topic for this! Anywho, like I said above, I've decided to remake the pack and all it's glory. I'll also be improving on what Ajax had here before, and finally writing the guides that were never published. New dices are being created, the site has already had it's make over, I've got one RP place done, and I also gave Ocean herself a makeover since she looked liked barf beforehand.

As for what I said in the last part of the quote, Ajax is busy lately, and he'll probably need help running Velheritz while he's off elsewhere. Since Whiskey is a pretty darn good moderator from what I've seen on other sites, and she was even willing to take on bringing this place back, she'll most likely be promoted to moderator AND Royal Adviser of Velheritz, and both Whiskey and Damocles will probably be put in charge of Velheritz until Ajax returns.

Updates about the remake will be posted here.
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PostSubject: Re: Remaking The Pack!   Remaking The Pack! EmptySat Feb 20, 2016 2:12 pm

Okay so actually, a lot is going to change around here. The history of the kingdoms will change potentially - Ajax will no longer be leader. Archer will take over. However I don't think Velheritz or Roenkii will stay separate. I think I'm going to make one large pack. But in this case - there will be double everything. Meaning 4 alphas roughly at some point.

I'm going to make it as if there were elders. The kings and queens of the clans met ocean and Archer. They gave Archer Velheritz and Ocean Roenkii. Yet those clans were in a feud and we didn't want that so we came together to share the land.

They can freely roam and still pick a kingdom - though the kingdom is simply where they primarily protect, hunt, and sometimes sleep. THough it's fine if they seek shelter in the other kingdom. Were still one pack its just too much land to operate alone.

That way were not restricted at all from being together.

Each season can have 2-3 RP places.
Winter - forest, mountain, den.
Autumn - forest, lake, hunting ground
Spring - river, hill/peak, hunting grounds
Summer- Ocean/beach, plain, den.
Summer will still be the main area you mark and patrol and winter mine - though this way we can just all be together - that way I can share damsky with you.
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PostSubject: SPAM HAMN   Remaking The Pack! EmptySat Feb 20, 2016 10:31 pm

In all honesty the pack was never really separate and I seriously doubt it was gonna be because Ocean's all clingy. xD

Damoskey <213

I'm just angry with you for pooing on Bleachy. Remaking The Pack! 195628130
Gonna miss him and Ocean acting like fools together </3 Ocean x Ajax 4 lyfe

In other news, Archer's name looks pretty cool in Serenity glow

Also do you mean four leaders as in two for each clan or one for each season ???

Remaking The Pack! Ajean10
Oceania Monarch Queen of Roenkii
put down your sword and crown and come lay with me on the ground

Toll for the Brave
The Brave that are no more
All sunk beneath the wave
Fast by their native shore
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PostSubject: Re: Remaking The Pack!   Remaking The Pack! EmptySun Feb 21, 2016 6:17 pm

things to do:

1. Archie's bio
2. Maybe new group colors (whites, blues, grays.)
3. edit kingdom history
4. RP places
5. thread
6. get active here
7. New front picture / monthly announcement
8. Lets get reaaddyyy to ruummbbllleeee

to answer you, 2 per kingdom
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PostSubject: Re: Remaking The Pack!   Remaking The Pack! Empty

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Remaking The Pack!
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