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PostSubject: Everleigh   Everleigh EmptyWed Mar 16, 2016 6:38 pm


➢ Name : Everleigh (Ever-Lay)
➢ Gender : Female
➢ Age : 2 Years
➢ Species : Gray Wolf mixed with Mexican Wolf
➢ Kingdom : Velheritz
➢ Current Rank : Newcomer
➢ Desired Rank : Knight


➢ Build : Everleigh is a relatively small wolf, yet near average sized.  She isn't built for strength, but more so speed.  Everleigh, however, packs quite a punch, and surprises other wolves with her inward strength.  Everleigh's tail is fluffy, the rest of her body thin, appearing bigger in winter with a larger coat.  From nose to tail, Everleigh is 5 feet in length, standing at 28.5 inches and weighing 98 pounds.
➢ Pelt Texture : Everleigh's fur is neither long nor short, falling in between.  In summer it takes on a more silky texture, where as in winter it turns to fluffy.  All year long Everleigh's fur is soft to the touch.
➢ Markings : Everleigh has a standared grayish silvery pelt, that of a Gray Wolf, but has some Mexican Wolf genetics mixed in as well.  Over shades of ebony and darker grays coat Everleigh's back, as well as making a streak of ebony mixed with charcoal between Everleigh's eyes and down to her nose.  The scruff of her neck and chest have some shades of light tan and cream woven in with silver and gray, as well as the backs of her legs, which are coated in a darker tanish brown.  Two ebony colored markings reside beneath each of Everleigh's light amber eyes, in the shape of bear claws.
➢ Eye Colour : Light Golden/Amber
➢ Scars : Everleigh has no scars


➢ Behaviour : Everleigh isn't a particularly strong, wolf, so she uses a few other tactics in her sparring. One is manipulation. Everleigh can be icy and distant, warming up to others when she tries to sway them, but often times she falls in between being an aggressive pessimist and a distant passivist. Everleigh is strong on the inside when she needs to be, and charming when the time is right. Everleigh has a sense of humor, not liking to be alone, which could be her greatest flaw. A first glance at her would broadcast her as a fierce, fiery, and feisty independent, which she can throw herself in the mood at times, but Everleigh's true colors are her loyalty and her bravery.
➢ Habits : Everleigh will twitch her ears when annoyed or even curious, and flick her tail.  She has the obscene habit of being brutally honest with everyone she meets, despite her liking of them or not.
➢ Likes : Snow | Rain | Sparring | Dares | Challenges | Lightning | The Dark | The Crescent Moon | Stars
➢ Dislikes : Mud | Chatty Males | Flirtatious Females | Thunder | The Full Moon | Childish Behavior | Admitting Her Weaknesses | Letting People Get Close To Her
➢ Fears : Being Alone | Getting To Know Someone | High Places | Not Being Good Enough | Frozen Rivers
➢ Hopes : Becoming a High Ranked Warrior | Becoming Tougher | Becoming Stronger | Being the Best


➢ Past : Everleigh was born into a relatively large pack, having five siblings; three sisters and two brothers.  Her mother Lakshmi had birthed Everleigh and her siblings on the west coast, north of Mexico, where Lakshmi had met her mate, Mariko.  Everleigh was the fourth born in the family, one of the middle children.  The oldest was Everleigh's sister, Evascka.  Serious and brooding, the brown, tan, and silver hued female spent most of her time learning from Lakshmi and Mariko, planning for the day when she would become Alpha.  Evagelos was the next oldest, and Everleigh's older brother.  He wasn't much different from Evascka, spending his days gaining intelligence and burying his snout in lessons and stories.  However, the charcoal colored male made time to spend with his siblings, and so Everleigh and Evagelos were tightly bonded.  Evangeline, the next oldest, was the troublemaker, the notorious face of the family.  The golden brown hued sister bore markings similar to Everleigh herself, as they were the only two in the pack that had them.  Most of Everleigh's childhood was in Evangeline's paws.  The two sisters were partners in crime, all though Everleigh was usually more hesitant and laid back than courageous and bold Evangeline.  Everleigh's younger sister was Evalea, who was the gentlest and sweetest out of the siblings.  Shy and reserved, the silver and white female mostly hid behind her mother Lakshmi, never daring to tag along with Everleigh and Evangeline.  Last born in the family was Everleigh's younger brother Everardo.  The tawny brown, gray, black, and tan male was the swiftest of the siblings, and often times tagged along with Mariko on long hunts.  He was also considered the strongest, and fought for dominance with Evagelos and Evascka.  He never had a chance to win it.  One night, about a two years later, Everleigh's pack had  been traveling North up the west coast.  They were caught in a snowstorm, and found no place to take shelter.  The wind was harsh, and Evalea could barely keep up with her siblings.  Taking pity on her, Everleigh rushed back to collect her fallen sister.  Her parents and siblings had told her to worry about herself first, that if a sibling fell to leave them behind.  Everyone followed the rules, but that night Everleigh disobeyed her parents to save her sister's life.  Dragging Evalea into a small cave, Everleigh went to search for her pack.  But, as following the harsh conditions meant to strengthen them, the family had left Everleigh and Evalea behind.  Howling uselessly into the wind, Everleigh tried to contact her mother and father.  There was no response.  It was hours before Everleigh and Evalea saw another soul.  At around midnight, a harsh howl came ripping from the winds.  A familiar golden brown face made an appearance, with dark eyes and black streaks underneath the eyes.  Evangeline had come.  Thinking she was reunited with her family, Everleigh made a bad miscalculation.  Snarling in anger, the older sister swept Everleigh aside, advancing on Evalea.  "Ég sagði þér að fylgja regnum."  She growled.  "I told you to follow the rules.  Við öll sagt.  We all told you."  Everleigh took two seconds to realize that Evangeline had company.  Her mother and father, Lakshmi and Mariko, came ambling into the cave, followed by Evacska, Evagelos, and Everardo.  They were familiar, but at the same time... not.  Their eyes were feral, dark, and hungry.  Drool pooled down from bared fangs as they looked from Everleigh to Evalea.  And in the night it seemed like they all bore two marking beneath both eyes.  Like Evangeline and Everleigh.  Crying out in terror, Everleigh watched as her unfamiliar once-known demonic family members attacked an already weak Evalea.  The silver and white female was dead in minutes, crimson mixing with cream.  Breaking away from Evangeline, Everleigh gave her older sister a scar just above the right eye.  The light hued female made her way North, seeking answers, but more importantly, a pack.    


➢ Hunting Skill : 20
➢ Combat Skill : 100
➢ Medical Skill : 10

➢ Talents : Sparring | Intelligence | Fighting | Thinking Quickly | Manipulation | Running | Telling The Truth
➢ Weaknesses : Being Open | Social Skills | Hunting | Fishing | Swimming | Medical Uses | Kindness


➢ Friends : N/A
➢ Mate : N/A
➢ Offspring : N/A

➢ Dam : Lakshmi
➢ Sire : Mariko
➢ Siblings : (In Order of Age)  ♀Evacska, ♂Evagelos, ♀Evangeline, ♀Evalea, ♂Everardo  

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