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RP Conditions

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 Ocean's Sea of Art (Work In Progress)

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PostSubject: Ocean's Sea of Art (Work In Progress)   Sun Jun 14, 2015 2:38 am

Hello, Guest, I'm Ocean. I give away avatars for you to use around our forums, as well as some other odd bits and pieces that I sometimes have up.

You can use my stuff off of this site so long as you credit me somehow (put "Avatar/Image/Etc. © Capt. Rora" in your signature!) and do not claim it as your own. You may only use it if it was made for you. Do not use something that was not intended for you.


Examples:  Avatars

Examples: Pup Designs
Damocles x Whiskey
More coming soon!


Form For: Avatars
[b]Link To Biography:[/b]  
[b]Character's Appearance:[/b] (Either describe your character or a link to a picture of them)
[b]Anything Else:[/b]

Form For: Pup Designs
[b]Appearance of Mother:[/b] (Describe the dam of the pups or link reference/biographies)
[b]Appearance of Father:[/b] (Describe the sire of the pups or link references/biographies)
[b]Other Genetics:[/b] (Colours or markings from ancestors or relatives)
[b]Special Requests:[/b] (Anything else you want included in their designs, such as blindness, special markings, etc.)
[b]Anything Else:[/b]
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PostSubject: Re: Ocean's Sea of Art (Work In Progress)   Sat Jul 11, 2015 7:23 pm

Not here to order something, I just wanted to mention ... Whiskey looks like she's gonna murder someone. xD

Signature art © Ocean. <3
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Ocean's Sea of Art (Work In Progress)
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