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 Example Biography | Guide

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PostSubject: Example Biography | Guide   Example Biography | Guide EmptySat Sep 13, 2014 2:04 am


➢ Name : Steve
➢ Gender : Male
➢ Age : Three years old
➢ Species : Eurasian wolf
➢ Kingdom : Roenkii
➢ Current Rank : Newcomer
➢ Desired Rank : Agent >> Monitor


➢ Build : Steve is somewhat tall, though not particularly large. He's a bit longer in length and not very broad. He has long, well-muscled legs with broad paws to make him stealthy and fast: Perfect for an Agent.
➢ Pelt Texture : Fairly long, but somewhat rough. He never grooms it apart from taking a bath, so it's normally got bits and pieces in it and it's always tangled.
➢ Markings : Steve is a dark brown wolf with lighter tans and browns throughout his pelt. He also has black streaks throughout his fur, a cream underbelly, black ear tips and a black tail tip. Another notable marking is two long white streaks under his eyes and a white paw on his front left leg.
➢ Eye Colour : Golden.
➢ Scars : A long claw mark on his right leg from a scuffle with a coyote over a meal.


➢ Behaviour : Steve is a pretty rough-and-tumble wolf. He doesn't have many manners, though he's normally good natured. He can take a joke, and will laugh along with you. He almost never raises his temper, unless you attack physically. To sum him all up, he's calm, sarcastic, well humoured, and rough.
➢ Habits : Steve has a habit of burying whatever food he doesn't finish off in one sitting. He normally comes back to it after a while, just as it's on the verge of going off.

➢ Likes : Steve likes the peace and quiet, sharing a joke with friends, swimming, sunny days, being with the ladies, and sleeping.
➢ Dislikes : The only things Steve doesn't particularly like is violence, yelling, thunder and lightning, being pushed around, and generally drama and chaos.

➢ Fears : Steve is terrified of thunder and lightning. He tries to hide it, but he just end up running for cover whilst screaming when a storm strikes.
➢ Hopes : Steve hopes that one day he'll settle down with a nice female, to take him as a mate.


➢ Past : Steve was born on a warm summer's day in Yellowstone National Park. He was raised more or less normally, by his mother, a stunning black wolf called Dynasty, and a charming dark brown male called William, his father, and their small pack of four others. Steve had only one sibling, a little female called Mirror, for she was exactly like her mother. His parents were the Alphas, and Steve was to be heir. But he had other ideas: One night, when he was just over one year, he decided to sneak away to explore. He planned on returning, but while he was away he ended up falling into a swift river while crossing a fallen log. He was swept down stream, but luckily he was a brilliant swimmer and he managed to get to shore, but he was hopelessly lost. He was already ages away from his territory, and he didn't have quite the best sense of direction (even with the river to follow). So he headed in what he thought was the right way home, but instead he was heading farther and farther. After a year on the road, he had forgotten his goal at the end of his travels, and so he was just wandering for no reason. He had even forgotten the tragedy that had turned his life around for good! One day he wandered into a land where the seasons never change, and to his confusion, met a King and a Queen there. Will he join them?


➢ Hunting Skill : 75/100
➢ Combat Skill : 35/100
➢ Medical Skill : 20/100

➢ Talents : Speed, stealth, always calm.
➢ Weaknesses : Horrible sense of direction, not particularly strong, doesn't know how to act around others.


➢ Friends : Sam, Arthur
➢ Mate : None
➢ Offspring : None

➢ Dam : Dynasty, alive
➢ Sire : William, alive
➢ Siblings : Mirror, alive

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Example Biography | Guide
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