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 Potion Recipes | Guide

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L O V E | P O T I O N || 2 red roses (petals only), 1 pink rose (petals only), 1 flask of honey, 2 pinches of gold/silver dust (gold for males, silver for females), 2 (powdered) shells, 5 drops of morning dew, a strand of fur from the chosen targets, 1 tall flask. MAKES 1 ELIXIR.

At midnight, add the crushed up shells and dust in a small cauldron with about half the honey. Mix together well. Add in the petals of the roses gradually whilst stirring in between. Add in the last of the honey and dew. Make sure that there are no lumps in the brew. Finally, before filling the flasks with the elixir, be sure to add in the hairs from the target you wish the potion to work on.

Love Potion is a dangerous elixir, though not very hard to make. It must be used with caution! Love Potion, once drunk by a wolf, will boost the relationship they have with the target (the one from where the hair came from), and if there is any attraction between the two of them, will make them madly in love with them. It does not always work, about a 50% chance of it working.

A G E I N G | E L I X I R || 1 tooth of a newborn bear, 3 bones of an elderly elk (powdered), 1 claw of a cougar or any other big cat, 10 pinches of sand from a beach, 1 flask of seawater, 1 small flask. MAKES 1 ELIXIR.

First, place your cauldron over a open flame filled with water. Bring it to the boil before adding the bone dust. Stir it well until the water becomes clear again. Add in the tooth and claw and stir gently for thirty minutes. Finally, put in the sand and let it boil away for five more minutes. Make sure your flask is sparkling clean and sterile before pouring in the potion. Be sure to let it mature three days before using it.

Ageing elixir will change the age of the user to their desired one, that is, it it was made correctly. The elixir may backfire if it was faulty.

Potion Recipes | Guide Ajean10
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Potion Recipes | Guide
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