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RP Conditions


 Code of Conduct | Rules

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Code of Conduct | Rules Empty
PostSubject: Code of Conduct | Rules   Code of Conduct | Rules EmptyWed Jan 15, 2014 5:49 am

Important Laws:
The most important rules in the pack are below. They have the most severe punishments, and can even lead to instant ban. They must be followed at all times, all costs, by everyone and anyone.

O N E  || Act appropriately: Inappropriate/mature/violent/gory content is strictly prohibited on this site, and can lead to an immediate ban. Since this forum is for RP'ers from twelve years old and above, we suggest little to no foul language, even with the filter.

T W O  || Respect all members outside of RP, no excuses. Bullying, insulting or threatening is not tolerated here, and bashing/insulting one's religion, country, culture, race, gender, se.xual orientation, origin, beliefs, opinion, et cetera, is punishable. Be as friendly and helpful as possible, and avoiding conflict and quarrelling can be as easy as simply avoiding touchy subjects or not going into the chat when a member you dislike is. If a member is annoying/harassing you, simply take a screenshot (or link, if it's in the forums) and PM it to a Moderator: They will take care of the situation without you having to get very involved.

T H R E E || Characters, guides, rules, posts, storyline, theme, et cetera, are all ©opyrighted to their rightful owners. Do not copy any content on this site.

F O U R || A Moderator's word is law: If they ask you to fix up something, or if they must resort to punishment for your rule breaking (or correct you), you are not to question or argue with them. By doing so, you shall be breaking yet another rule.

F I V E || Do not give away or ask personal information, photos, or your address. Some things are best left unknown. We ask this of you for privacy and safety reasons.

S I X || You must not do anything without an Administrator's permission. Editing/creating of guides, deleting or banning members, creating new RP areas, changing the site theme or coding, or the editing of the site in general must be approved of from a Head Administrator (Ajax, Ocean).

S E V E N || Please (at least try to) use proper english and grammar while using this site. No speaking in CAPITALS, spamming smileys, using t3xT Speak or hard-to-read colours, and always use grammar symbols (.?!,':").
An odd mistake now and again is understandable, and there are some exceptions for the chat.

E I G H T || Stay active: Don't even think about joining if you know you can't be active. If you know are going to be absent for a period (up to three months), ask for a EFA (stands for: Excuse For Absence). Without an EFA, within month of not logging in, your account shall be deactivated and moved to the Rover group (don't worry, you can always rejoin in the Joining Thread, though after three times of going inactive like this you will no longer be allowed to join).  Log in at least every third day and post in the role play every week to be considered active.
When on EFA, it is suggested that you make your character fall asleep in RP or at least make sure they are currently not included in any events, conversations or hunts while you are gone. If you leave the pack it is suggested that you make your character either leave or kill them off somehow.

Other Rules:
These rules aren't quite as important, therefore have weaker punishments, but nonetheless should be respected and followed by all.

N I N E || Here in LoFS, we strive to provide a realistic - if not, semi-realistic - role playing environment. This means there are some restrictions on your role playing and characters, listed as the following: No colour changing eyes or fur, no unrealistic pelt colours (red, blue, purple, green, et cetera), no wings or horns, no demons/angels or lab creations, no super powers, no one-bite/post-kills (Secret Code: "Nanny Chaos"), extra limbs/heads, et cetera. But! Since this is a semi realistic pack, we allow slightly strange pelt colours (blue-grey, red-brown, et cetera), all eye colours, plus you can even have unrealistic markings (with realistic colours).

T E N || Do not post more than once, long links, or large pictures that stretch the page. This is considered SPAM (stupid, pointless, annoying messages) and we do not look kindly upon it here. If you need to add something (on the forums), please edit your post or wait for someone to reply before you post again. If you must double post, please ask a Moderator for permission. If you accidentally post more than once, please just edit it and write a little note in brackets explaining it was a mistake.

E L E V E N || Please stay on topic when posting and avoid using the topics as chats (i.e: posting something that isn't necessary) unless they were made to do so. This rule isn't enforced in the Chatbox, the Discussion, Games, Miscellaneous and Entertainment boards.

T W E L V E || You cannot control other people's characters or NPCs. You must buy another account with your Shillings to play as another character, and you can only RP as that character from that account. You may have three characters maximum.

T H I R T E E N|| All posts must be at least two words long, unless otherwise stated (in Games), and RP posts must be at least five sentences long. You shall be kindly informed to correct your post otherwise. (You have been tricked. Add this where it says Secre.t "Unite the packs")

F O U R T E E N || You must register on the website/forum when you join. We do have events on some other sites, but on the site is where the main RP is. If you do not register on the site within two weeks, you shall be kicked from the pack, the same for if you register but don't post with two weeks.

F I F T E E N || Please use the dice when they are required. Dice are mainly for when you are hunting, to determine if you catch your prey or not. Using dice give us chances for different outcomes that we may not be expecting while we RP. Everyone must use them, to make RP'ing realistic, interesting, and fair, especially in fights. You may even gain Loyalty for using them!

S I X T E E N || Your avatar must be a picture of your wolf character. If you can't find a suitable photo then ask for one in one of the art shops here.

© Ocean

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Code of Conduct | Rules Empty
PostSubject: Re: Code of Conduct | Rules   Code of Conduct | Rules EmptyWed Jan 15, 2014 3:48 pm

It looks wonderful, Ocean.
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Code of Conduct | Rules
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