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RP Conditions


 Pack Friends, Rivals, and Allies! (WIP)

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Pack Friends, Rivals, and Allies! (WIP) Empty
PostSubject: Pack Friends, Rivals, and Allies! (WIP)   Pack Friends, Rivals, and Allies! (WIP) EmptyMon Jan 06, 2014 5:45 pm

PACK FRIENDS. Pack friends are wolves who have not fully decided whether they truly wish to join, or may not have time for a pack right now. Well we still allow them to register on the site, and even join or Role-play! I have recently received a question dealing with where Friends may Role-play at. Well the pack friends may Role-play in any area they wish. They may enter our territory such as any other average member. They will introduce themselves to the King and/or Queen, and must gain trust like all the others. They may NOT rain for a rank, or anything along those line. Though they may help with small chores if asked and they agree. Friends cannot simply join the RP and allow their character to vanished, your RP yourself into the land you RP yourself out of the land. The alpha(s) will be sure to offer you a spot in the pack, and if you wish to promote  into a member, then you may accept. If you still wish to stay a pack friend, kindly deny them and say you must be on your way.  You may come back and visit anytime you wish, just tell the pack that you are bunking in a near by den outside of the land. One day if you want to become a member, return to the land and tell them you would like to take up their offer on being a full member.

PACK ALLIES. The rules for Role-play are the exact same for allies as it is with pack friends. You may surly join our RP anytime you wish. But of course, you are a new wolf in the land, do the respectful thing and meet and greet the alpha(s). You will be informed by the leaders that it is not wise to roam about the outside lands, but if you truly wish to, you may. The rule for joining our Role-play, is the fact that you enter the land the way any other loner would. Of course you may NOT train for any sort of rank. That is strictly for members. You may however join us on a hunt, or any other chores the pack is performing if one of the higher-ups invite you of course. Once the King and /or Queen offer you a place in the pack, simply tell them you are from another. One not to far away, and that you may pop in every once in a while. Once the alphas are familiar with one wolf from the clan, when another loner verifies they too are from that clan, the kingdoms will be much more welcoming to them. Though, if you join our RP you MUST role-play your way out. Simply tell our pack that you must return home and leave the land. Do not just stop and allow your character to sit there.

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Pack Friends, Rivals, and Allies! (WIP)
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